Art Fortunes
Art Fortunes
Creator of Beetleborg Comics


Arthur "Art" Fortunes




Big Bad Beetleborgs (Season 1), Beetleborgs Metallix (Season 2)



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Rigg Kennedy

Arthur "Art" Fortunes, is creator of the Beetleborgs comics, who shows up time and time again with new ways to help the kids.

Character HistoryEdit

He first met the kids that tote the powers of his comicbook heroes when they needed help recovering thier armor from the Shadowborg. He was skeptical about their claims until they displayed their powers of strength, telekenisis and speed. Dragged to Hillhurst, Art met the monsters and got lost while evading them. He met Flabber, who, once he explained things, got along with well. He then drew the Whiteblaster Beetlebrog, but learned they needed a volenteer to receive his powers; a side-effect is that since Shadowborg was the reason this hero was needed, the powers would vanish upon Shadow's destruction.

Once the Beetleborgs were successful in reclaiming their stolen powers, Art was called back again for help when the Whiteblaster Beetlborg quit the team. He provided them with the Thunderstinger to destroyed Shadowborg, but it proved useless. When Vexor called a final battle, Art explained the Ying/Yang relationship between the White and Shadow borgs.

Preparing to leave HIllhurst, he stopped the monsters himself by giving them doodles he made of them; Fangula was unsettled by his.

After a year had past since the Magnavores escaped the comics, they broke into his office and stole a picture of Nukus that her obtained from his brother Lester. Though the Magnavores were sent back to the comics, Art was forced to tell Nukus where his brother was; it lead to a prison escape and the destruction of the kids' powers.

After being captured by the Crusteaceans to prevent him from drawing new powers for the kids, Art was rescued and destroyed most of his brother's creations. He then drew them the Metalix armor and had Flabber bring it to life. He then supplied them with new battle vehicles.

Preparing to leave, Art watched in amusement as the monsters chased the kids, with Flabber, claiming some things never change.