Beetle Bonders

From Left to Right: Drew, Roland, Jo.

Knuckle Bonders are the Beetleborgs' transformation devices.


They are summoned by calling out "Beetle Bonder", once summoned, the kids transformed into the Beetleborgs with a cry of "Beetle Blast!". To change back, the kids say "Back Blast!" Each one comes with a different 'horn' that reflect the kid's beetle horn.


BeetleBorgs Transformation00:25

BeetleBorgs Transformation

All Four Beetleborgs morph00:25

All Four Beetleborgs morph

The morph is the same as Sazer-X. To morph, Drew, Jo, Roland and Josh raise their hands like Takuto, Ad, Kane and Captain Shark... They then form an X with their arms, and bring them down... The Knuckle Bonder sparks the Strage Ring, releasing the power suit stored inside. Transformation [or "B-Equip"] complete.

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