Count Fangula

Count Fangula

Count Fangula is a vampire (albeit one of questionable aptitude in the Dark Arts).

Character HistoryEdit

The Count seems to be the only one to understand what Wolfie is saying, due to being former roommates in "the old country" - Transylvania. Having eluded Wolfgang once, Fangula came to realize that there was only one way to get rid of him - "Relocate!!!"

The Count once succeeded in getting two victims in Trip & Van, temporarily turning them into vampires, though they were turned back to normal by kisses from Jo. If his victims quota is too low, a high ranking vampire will come to evaluate Fangula.

He is temporarily turned into a vicious bat monster by the magic of a family heirloom belonging to Mums' mother. However, the spell is undone shortly after.

Near the end of the series, he wishes to become a superhero called SuperFang, but finds Flabber faked his powers to make him feel better. Because of the growing danger to himself, his fellow monsters and Hillhurst Mansion because of the Beetelborgs battle with Nukus, Fangula sent a letter to him, asking for the safety of the house in exchange for the last Astral coin.



  • The Count is loosely modeled after Count Dracula.
  • Was once married to a female vampire, but dropped out from the marriage. The Count said that she "is a nightmare!".