N,H, & dregs

Nukus, Horribelle and their dregs.

The Crustaceans was a group of villians created by Les Fortunes and started by one his of creations, Nukus. Unlike the Magnavores, ths group was serious about conquering the 3D world and getting rid of the Beetleborgs. However, the battle between them and the heroes is never finished due to the series Beetleborgs is based on ending the footage America needed to make the show.


Les Fortunes- Creator of Nukus and other crustacean creatures.

  • Nukus - Leader of the Crustaceans
    • Horribelle - 2nd in command of the Crustaceans
      • Vilor - 3rd in command of crustaceans

Dregs - Foot soldiers of the crustaceans


  1. Aqualungs
  2. Hagfish of Gar
  3. Changeling
  4. Fernzilla
  5. Roo-thless
  6. Ultimate Conqueror
  7. Torch Mouth
  8. Ultra Vulture
  9. Brain Sucker
  10. Monster Smasher
  11. Triplesaurus Rex
  12. Piranha Khan
  13. Emily the Seed of Evil
  14. Fangula Bat Monster
  15. El Scorpio
  16. Shellator
  17. Mole Monster
  18. Monster Mother: Root of all Evil
  19. Repgillian