"I'm a doctor; it's what I do."

- Dr. Frankenbeans

Dr. Baron von Frankenbeans is a benevolent doctor, albeit with a mad scientist persona. He created Frankbeans.

He appeared several times in the series, with his first being to help the other Hillhurst monster with their problems; though it caused them much pain in the process. He advises the Beetleborgs on how to defeat Cyber-Serpent as it came from a two-part issue and they didn't know how to defeat it; he advised them to turn its power against it if their own isn't strong enough to defeat it.

Dr. Frankenbeans later reappears in Operation Frankenbeans to increase Frankie's intelligence. However, he ends up turning his son into a snobby British gentleman. He, along with Fangula and Mums help the kids study for their tests, since the Magnavores were keeping them too busy to do so. He later is happy that a head injury reverts Frankie back to his idiotic self.

He tries twice to provide Frankie with family, first with a bride; however she was a greedy con artist. He then created a mini Frankie to serve as his grandson.

The monsters later call upon him to help defeat the Crustaceans due to the threat they posed to Hillhurst. However, his idea of being more evil than the villains backfires as he accidentally gives rise to the most evil thing evil Monster Mother: Root of all Evil.