Emily The Seed of Evil
Name: Emily the Seed of Evil
Gender: Female
Season(s): Beetleborgs Metallix 2
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First Appearance: How Does Your Garden Grow?
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Number of Episode
Actor: Anne Britt Makebakken

Little Ghoul was taking up a hobby in seed planting, so Horribelle took advantage by sending her a seed created by Les. The seed grew into a cactus (which Little Ghoul decided to name Emily), and then into a full female cactus monster which sucked the life out of Flabber and the house monsters in the process. However the Little Ghoul had grown too attached to the monster, that she did not want the Beetleborgs to destroy it. The Beetleborgs decided they needed a distraction for the monster and Jo decided plant food was the best one for the job. Hearing that Emily needed help, Nukus sent Vilor and the Dregs to battle. Drew and Roland took on them while Jo took on Emily. But, with a heavy heart, she used her finisher (the Metallix Baton) on the monster, and then the others joined her, using the Data Lasers, to send Emily back to paper form. After destroying Emily, Jo thought about what Little Ghoul think of all this, so the kids and Flabber decided to give Little Ghoul a new hobby to cheer her up.