Name: Firecat
Gender: Male
Season(s): Big Bad Beetleborgs 1
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First Appearance: Cat-Tastrophy
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Number of Episode
Actor: Tom Fahn

He was a weak cat creature that required recharging through a special machine. When fully charged, he was stronger and had the ability to breathe fire. He scratched Drew in battle, causing Drew to turn into a cat-like creature himself. Firecat, on the other hand, could not be controlled. Noxic and Typhus lured it with candy so they could place him back into the machine to restore him. Drew's condition worsened, and his only chance to get back to normal was by getting into the machine himself. The machine overloaded, but Drew came out in full Beetleborg form. Firecat came out too, but was angry and blackened, seemingly from being burnt to a crisp in the machine. Aside from being blackened, Firecat was still not under control and released fireballs everywhere. Firecat was defeated in the end by Drew's Stinger Drill. Noxic proudly took credit for creating Firecat, claiming he was the one who took a "weak and helpless pussy cat" and changed it into Firecat through the special machine. Typhus, seemingly based on the monster's theme, argued that the creature was from his army of monsters.