Big Bad Beetleborgs, Beetleborgs Metallix


7th dimension

First Appearance:

Beetle Rock, Part 1

Last Appearance:

No information

Flabber is a phantasm from the seventh dimension, and resides in Hillhurst. He makes various puns based on his name, or seems to think that they're actual words.

His magic is quite powerful, often backfires in some way. He means well with his goofy intentions, but they don't always work out they way he intends them to.

His chin resembles Jay Leno's, his outfit resembles Liberace's and his hair resembles Elvis Presley's.

Character HistoryEdit

Unlike the other monster occupants of Hillhurst, Flabber doesn't even pretend to be malicious; he is rather friendly. In appearance, Flabber emulates Elvis Presley but with a violet color scheme. He often resides in the pallor, offering advice and spells to his friends.

Though kind, Flabber is rough with the monsters that try eating Jo, Drew and Roland, bossing them around as they attack them when the kids are not in Beetleborg form.



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