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How could the Astralborgs work by themselves? Edit

Question Edit

When Art Fortunes created the White Blaster Beetleborg to fight Shadowborg, Flabber needed a body to bring it to life, so how was he able to bring the Astralborgs to life by themselves?

Answers Edit

How did the Beetleborgs keep the Thunder Sitnger? Edit

Question Edit

Both the Blasterborg and the Thunder Stinger were created to stop Shadowborg, and as Flabber explained, because White Borg was created to stop Shadowborg, if Shadowborg was destroyed, the White Blasterborg's powers would be gone, so how were the Beetleborgs able to keep the Thunder Stinger after Shadowborg was destroyed?

Answers Edit

Flabber needed a body because Art created new armor, not a robot, the astralborgs were robots.

The thunderstinger remained because it was created for blue stinger borg, only the white blaster borg was tied to the fate of shadowborg because his creation was to retrieve the other powers, since the powers were returned when the thunderstinger was summoned and it was also a way to quickly dispatch old foes the beetleborgs already beat.

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