Gargantis Mega Cannon Top
Gargantis Mega Cannon

Gargantis Mega Cannon is the combination of the Beetleborgs A.V.'s and Gargantis. The back of Gargantis opens up to reveal a landing pad where the A.V.s can land and be locked in place by docking clamps. In this mode, it collects all the energy to shoot out a massive energy cannon for the Beetleborg's ultimate finisher. It is their most powerful weapon of all.


  • Gargantis the Attack Mobile Carrier: Most powerful attack vehicle the Beetleborgs had, it can open its back so the smaller A.V.s can ride atop of it for the Gargantis Mega Cannon. Gargantis was destroyed by the powerful Borgslayer at the end of the first season.
  • Blue Stinger A.V.: Blue Stinger Beetleborg's A.V.
  • Green Hunter A.V.: Green Hunter Beetleborg's A.V.
  • Red Striker A.V.: Red Striker Beetleborg's air-borne A.V.