The Mantrons

The Mantrons were the evil counterparts of the Astralborgs. Created by Les Fortunes as a child to rival Art Fortunes' Astralborgs in their only collaboration, the Lost Comic. They were there to aid Nukus in his plans to get Roboborg, who ultimately made it to the good hands of the Beetleborgs. In 'Roboborg' (part 8 of the Lost Comic saga), the Mantrons were finally sent back to the Lost Comic for good by the combined attacks of the Beetleborgs, Astralborgs and Roboborg.


Scorpix Edit

Killed by Roland.

Centipix Edit

Killed by the bombs.

Mantix Edit

Killed by the bombs.

Hornix Edit

Killed By the Beetleborgs and the Astralborgs.