Metallix Rising Saga
Beetleborgs (VHS Cover)

Directed by:

  • Gabe Torres
  • John Putch

Produced by

Bob Hughes

Executive Producers:

  • Haim Saban
  • Shuki Levy
  • Lance H. Robins

Written by:

  • M. A. Evans
  • Margo McCahon
  • Elizabeth Ann Cooper
  • J-P Chanda
  • Peter Lebow



running time

90 minutes

The Metallix Rising Saga, is a group of episodes of Big Bad Beetleborgs.


After a year of losing to the Beetleborgs for over a year, Vexor decides to steal an unpublished monster created by Art Fortunes. However, he ends up stealing something Art didn't draw called Nukus. Upon freeing him, Vexor sets out to build his army again.

In the meantime, the Hillhurst monsters have gotten tired of Flabber's reign over them. So, Wolife manages to suck Flabber back into the organ by playing the same notes that got him out, backwards. The Beetleborgs use a laptop, assited by Flabber on how to, to try playing the notes to get him out.

However, Art Fortunes arrives with bad news that Vexor is attacking Charterville and is left behind to keep an eye on the computer. The Beetleborgs are succesful in sending two monsters back to the comics, but the remaining ones are fused together into Borgslayer, which used their firepower. However, they are powerless against him and retreat to Hillhurst, where they find the monsters are once agin trying to eat Art; they trap the monsters in the secret labryinth...


  • The Magnavores are sent back to the comics
  • The "Big Bad" Beetleborg powers are no more; the Beetleborgs Metallix powers were created to combat the new threat of the Crustaceans.
  • The footage of Flabber sending the new vehicale base out is recycled through the Metallix season.