Monster Smasher
Name: Monster Smasher
Gender: Male
Season(s): Beetleborgs Metallix 2
Homeworld: {{{homeworld}}}
First Appearance: Don't Fear the Reaper
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode

The Grim Reaper was in town and rumor had it that he was seeking a successor before retiring. Nukus got word of the news and had Les draw Monster Smasher, an orange, deformed woolly mammoth monster. Nukus and Monster Smasher were on their way to Hillhurst to eliminate the competition so Nukus could become the next Grim Reaper. They never got far, though, as Roland and Jo (on their Sector Cycles) eliminated Monster Smasher with their Beetle Battlers, forcing an angry Nukus to retreat.

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