Queen Magna
Name: Queen Magna
Gender: Female
Season(s): Big Bad Beetleborgs 1
Color(s): Blue
Homeworld: #113 of Beetleborg comics
First Appearance: Drew and Flabber's Less-Than-Fabulous Adventure
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode
Actor: Lisa Walsh

A white and blue butterfly-themed sorceress with a hypnotic voice who wore a blue jeweled necklace. Heather's birthday had arrived and Drew wanted to give her as a present. The latest issue of Beetleborgs comics had Queen Magna on the cover, and Heather was fixated by the necklace that the villainess wore around her neck. Drew decided to give Heather that necklace for her birthday, so he convinced Flabber to take them into Magna's comic book world. However, Drew's Beetleborg powers would not work inside the comic book, so he and Flabber were at a disadvantage when confronted by Magna. As Magna tried to put them under her spell with her hypnotic vocalizing, Flabber broke free, and both he and Drew escaped leaving the necklace behind. Magna, in her dimension, sat on a throne and was fawned over by various Scabs, some of which were seen fanning her off, brushing her wings, and serving her nectar to drink. The Magnavores tried to trap Drew and Flabber in the comic book/comic book's dimension while they were inside. Jo mentioned that Queen Magna was from Issue #113.