Super Noxic

Super Noxic

Super Noxic was Noxic's younger brother that looks like Noxic, but very muscular. The Hillhurst monsters were getting in shape with Flabber's aerobic workout, but Noxic wanted to make the exercise brutal. He summoned his brother, who disguised himself as an S&M muscle-headed trainer named Hurt-Ulese. As Hurt-Ulese, he put the Hillhurst monsters the most intense workout they ever experienced. His true identity was found out by the kids, though, when Jo found his ID in his gym bag - the picture ID had the face of Super Noxic on it. Soon afterwards, he revealed himself to the kids and took them on in battle. He and Noxic briefly combined in battle, with Noxic controlling her from the inside. While Super Noxic proved to be a tough opponent for the Beetleborgs, he turned out to be no match for Drew's Thunder Stinger (in Mega Blue Beetleborg mode). He is mentioned as being from issue #150 of the Beetleborgs comic book series. Before being sent back to the comics, Super Noxic released Noxic from being pulled back in with him.

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