Swamp Scumoid

Vexor summoned a monster named Swamp Scumoid to impersonate Charterville's urban legend called Charterville Charlie. Swamp Scumoid was a dark green Gillman-resembling monster with the most horrid odor. The Beetleborgs were at first hesitant to kill it, thinking this creature was a real scientific discovery. Vexor had released him before the comic was made available to the public though Jara, Noxic, and Typhus didn't know it. However, the monster took Trip hostage by knocking him out with his odor, holding him until he managed to escape. He later took Mums hostage in the catacombs below Hillhurst. Roland quickly discovered the latest issue of the comics, and learned that this fishman was not the actual Charterville Charlie after all, but the Swamp Scumoid. After Mums was rescued, the smelly fish was zapped with the Sonic Lasers.