Villains created by Lester "Les" Fortunes,the second set of villains the beetleborgs face. They were unintentionaly started by Authur "Art" Fortunes' Kindergarden-grade villians, the Magnavores when they tired of always losing to the Beetleborgs.


Nukus - LeaderEdit

Originaly a drawing owned by Art Fortunes that was stolen by Vexor, Nukus plotted to send the weaker villians back to the kid comics where they belonged. After succeeding into tricking them to stay around Borgslayer when he blew up, Nukus destroyed the Beetleborgs' powers and went to Charterville prison to meet his "dad" . Freeing him and two fellow "children" from their pictures, Nukus founded his forces to begin his takeover of the 3-D world with Les providing monsters and assualt vehicales for his Crustaceans. Tired of constantly losing, he later use a device to become Mega Nukus; thought he powered up, the Beetleborgs grew stronger as well, stalemating the battle again.

Les Fortunes - CartoonistEdit

The "black sheep" of the Fortunes family, Les was imprisoned in Charteerville prison for unknown means; also for unknown means, two copies of Nukus ended up out of his possesion and in Art's. He was freed from jail by Nukus, who brouight Horribelle, Vilor and the Dregs to life from the various drawing littering his cell. Being given his own studio in Vexor's former laboratory, Les was ordered by Nukus to provide numerous monsters along with Wormtanks and Crustacean Jetfighters to combat the Beetleborgs Metalix. Midway through his serivtude to Nukus, Les remembers The Lost Comic he and Art buried in their yard as kids, being their only collaberation. This gives them extra allies in the villians from it, but each proves usesless in battle. At the end of the series, he goes back to prison on his own due to Nukus never appreciating his ahrd work,

Horribelle - Second in ComanedEdit

Freed from a drawing in Les' prison cell, Horribelle serves Nukus loyaly. She serves as a second combatant to the Beetleborgs when Nukus sends the Dregs out to fight. She has the ability to bring drawings to life, just like Nukus and veiws herself as beautiful; he pattern of speech is fragmented.

Vilor - Eh...Edit

Being freed from a drawing, Vilor works for Nukus, doing many odl jobs for "the boss". He hates losing more than anything and often orders Les around when Nukus is out, planning to upsurp him in power and win respect. He also can bring drawings to life such as a temporary mega form for himself.

Dregs - Foot-soldiersEdit

Brought to life from drawings Les brought from his cell, the Dregs obey Nukus and the rest of the Crusteceans when battling the Beetleborgs; they are often seen doing other odd jobs for Nukus's hair-brained plans.