Van & Trip BBB

Van & Trip

The brothers Trip and Van constantly pester the daily lives of others by flaunting their wealth and self-acclaimed superiority.

Character HistoryEdit

Trip was the smarter of the two, whereas Van was a bit slow. They often came up with get-rich-quick schemes, ways to humiliate the kids, or simply to cause trouble; often dragging their unwitting chauffeur, Dudley, into their schemes.

They were the one's who dared Drew, Jo, and Roland to enter Hillhurst, which led to them becoming Beetleborgs. During the Borgslayer fiasco they left town to go live at their father's country estate, only to be mentioned once in season 2 (but not before Nukus forced them to return to town to tell the Beetleborgs how to defeat Borgslayer in order to get rid of the Magnavores).