Name: Vexor
Gender: Male
Season(s): Big Bad Beetleborgs 1
Homeworld: {{{homeworld}}}
First Appearance: Beetle Rock: Part 2
Last Appearance: Vexor's Last Laugh
Number of Episode
Actor: Rick Tane Kisu; voiced by Joey Pal

Vexor is leader of the Magnavores, and the main antagonist in season 1 who often looses his patience with his Magnivores' incompetence.

Character HistoryEdit

He was destroyed briefly by the combined efforts of all three Beetleborgs, after Drew battled with and destroyed Shadow Borg. He quickly revived himself, sprouting a new body and face and managed to grow giant.[1] In his following appearance, he somehow switched back to his old appearance.

Notes & ReferencesEdit


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